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Indomitable is a 90-minute documentary similar to the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award-winning documentary Crip Camp following 33-year-old filmmaker Alexander Freeman as he directs and produces a documentary about the lives of people with disabilities. Despite having cerebral palsy Alexander is determined to give a voice to others who do not always have one while he finds his own voice as a filmmaker. Opening and closing on the day of his wedding ceremony with a 1920’s theme in Amherst, Massachusetts, the film follows Alexander as he documents the challenges and victories of his life as he moves from a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Boston, Massachusetts under the section 8 low-income housing program to a regular two-bedroom apartment in Amherst, Massachusetts. We meet his former personal care attendants Deanna Evans and Seth Bryan, along with his partner and personal care attendant, Orina Umansky, his parents Linda and John Freeman, fellow producer Brandon Golden and assistive technology experts Kevin Berner and Dan Halbert who helped Alexander gain independence. We see Alexander and Orina become parents to Maya Freeman and Alexander learns to be a father and how to be in a committed serious relationship. After a long search, Alexander and Orina buy a new modified accessible one level ranch style house of their dreams in South Hadley, Massachusetts with the help of Alexander’s parents. 

Over the course of the film, Alexander interviews multiple people with disabilities throughout the country between 2018 and 2019 including disability activist, public speaker, writer Ola Ojewumi and actor CJ Jones, and many others about their lives and what they want the world to know about what they can do. Meanwhile, Alexander struggles to adapt to the difficulties in a COVID-19 world and looks for funding to finish the documentary. Alexander also searches for a consistent job directing mainstream films, series, music videos. 



Alexander Freeman: Alexander Freeman is a Massachusetts based writer, producer, director, editor and actor with cerebral palsy. In 2016 Freeman won Best Documentary Feature at the Long Beach Indie International Film, Media and Music Festival and Best Director of a Documentary at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, as well as multiple other awards for his documentary The Wounds We Cannot See. Freeman has also been featured on WBUR/NPR, ABC News and in many other publications for his documentary The Last Taboo about physical disabilities and sexuality. Freeman is also the Founder, President, Owner of the social justice production company OUTCAST PRODUCTIONS.

Orina Umansky: Orina Umansky is Alexander Freeman's partner and Personal Care Attendant. Orina also has ADHD, dyslexia and is the mother of Alexander's daughter Maya Freeman. 

Linda Freeman: Linda Freeman is Alexander Freeman's mother and former Massachusetts Public Health Consultant and a disability advocate. 

John Freeman: John Freeman is Alexander Freeman's father and former patent lawyer. 

Brandon Golden: Brandon Golden is the producer of Indomitable and Alexander Freeman's close friend.

Deanna Evans: Deanna Evans is a legal assistant, mother and Alexander Freeman's former Personal Care Attendant.

Seth Bryan: Seth Bryan is a comedian, actor and Alexander Freeman's former Personal Care Attendant.

Kevin Berner: Kevin Berner is a registered and licensed occupational therapist and certified assistive technology professional; he works as a Clinical Supervisor in the Assistive Technology Department at Easter Seals of Massachusetts and as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Boston University. He frequently presents at professional conferences.

Dan Halbert: Dan Halbert is a software and systems generalist, with 30+ years of experience. Areas of experience and expertise include: system architecture, design, and development; databases; user interfaces; programming languages and tools; object-oriented programming; speech recognition; face recognition; text processing and information retrieval; networking.

CJ Jones: CJ Jones is a deaf American actor and comedian based in Los Angeles, CA. For more than 35 years, Jones has shared his talents and experiences with cultural events and Deaf and hearing schools and Universities across the country and around the world. In 2017, Jones made his feature film debut in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver.

Ola Ojewumi: Ola Ojewumi is an activist, journalist, cancer survivor, and community organizer based in Washington, DC. Diagnosed with mitochondrial disease and the recipient of both a heart and kidney transplant, Ojewumi’s advocacy work began in high school when after writing to her school board about accessibility standards, she was asked to represent more than 150,000 students by serving on the Prince George’s County Disabilities Advisory Board. Her writings have been published by The White House, CNN, Huffington Post, Clinton Global Initiative, MTV, Glamour magazine, Intel, Essence Magazine.

Travis Shane: Travis Shane is an graduate of Perkins School for the Blind with Bardet-Biedl syndrome now living in Los Angeles, CA. Travis enjoys movies, pizza and wants to be a massage therapist.

Raya Umansky: Raya Umansky is a Wendy's crew member and volunteer at Hope Clubhouse of SW Fl Inc in Fort Myers, Florida. Raya who has bipolar disorder, charcot-marie-tooth disorder and developmental delays enjoys swimming, horseback riding and cooking. 

Jay Ruderman: Jay Ruderman is an American activist and philanthropist. He is the President of the Ruderman Family Foundation, which focuses on the inclusion of people with disabilities and on the education of Israeli leaders regarding the American Jewish community. The foundation maintains offices in Boston, Israel and New York City.



In 2016 Alexander Freeman conceived of a new documentary about the representation of actors with disabilities and the entertainment industry called CrippleFace upon the suggestion of his ex-girlfriend's mother.

Between May 2016 and December 2016, Freeman worked to find an investor to help him make the documentary a reality but faced rejection because of the controversy of the title and changed it to Castable in order to appeal to more investors. 

In 2017, Freeman recognized that he needed help producing the film and raising the money so he connected with his close college friend, Brandon Golden, now a producer in New York. Freeman had worked unsuccessfully with a few other producers who turned him down because of commitment and lack of funds but Golden who worked with Freeman on several other projects loved Freeman's vision and vowed to help bring the project to life. Freeman had already attached his friend Oscar winner, Chris Cooper to the film whom Freeman had met in 2009 and Golden was thrilled. 

In November 2017, Freeman and Golden attended the Ruderman Inclusion Summit hosted by the lawyer, disabled rights activist, and philanthropist, Jay Ruderman. Freeman and Golden attended in order to learn more about disability inclusion and the issues that many people with disabilities face. While at the summit Freeman and Golden met actor CJ Jones Baby Driver and Freeman immediately got Jones interested in being in the film as well as Ruderman. 

In 2018, Freeman and Golden were still struggling to get the project funded relying on private donations and looking for investors. In May 2018, Freeman and Golden met with executive producer Kevin Bright Friends who believed in Freeman's vision as well and supported the film suggesting that the title be changed to Indomitable and that the story follow Freeman and his life as a filmmaker with a disability, giving a voice to others with disabilities through film, becoming a father and getting married. Freeman and Golden thanked Bright and decided to change the direction, starting production right away. 

From August 2018 to August 2021, Indomitable has been in production filming in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Washington D. C., California and Florida. Indomitable is expected to be released in 2022. 



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