Alexander Freeman and Orina Umansky

From award-winning filmmaker Alexander Freeman The Last Taboo and The Wounds We Cannot See comes Indomitable.  The film serves as a catalyst to transform the label of disability from a word suggesting an impairment into a word meaning impossible to defeat.

Indomitable follows Alexander Freeman, who has cerebral palsy as he finds love, commits himself to Orina Umansky and helps to raise his daughter Maya. 


Indomitable is Directed by Alexander Freeman and Produced by Alexander Freeman and Brandon Golden. Indomitable is also supported by Kevin Bright (Executive Producer of the TV Series Friends.) 

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Alexander Freeman is a South Hadley, Massachusetts based filmmaker with cerebral palsy. In 2016 Freeman won Best Documentary Feature at the Long Beach Indie International Film, Media and Music Festival, and Best Director of a Documentary at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. He has won a number of other awards for his documentary The Wounds We Cannot See. Freeman has been featured on WBUR/NPR, ABC News and in many other publications for his documentary The Last Taboo about physical disabilities and sexuality. Freeman is the Founder, President, Owner of the social justice production company OUTCAST PRODUCTIONS.


Orina Umansky is Alexander Freeman's partner and the mother of their daughter Maya Freeman. 

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